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Ce que vous allez adorer dans ce logement

I have home in Denmark

We have two times made exchange with families from Germany and Belgium, so we are rather experienced in the game.
I am a Danish citizen (journalist) living in a small village in Denmark 45 minutes by car from Copenhagen Centre, 20 minutes from Roskilde, 3 km from the fiord and and 5 from nearest beach. I have a wife, who is nurse and 3 children 12, 10 and 6 years old.
We are, as you can imagine a busy family, I am journalist and public relations manager at a university – and work sometimes for science magazines.
I (Daniel) speak Spanish, German (a little) and English and is crazy about latin america and Spain, where I have travelled a lot. Have also travelled as journalist in countries like Iran and Egypt.
Holiday here would probably consist of.
- Enjoying life in the garden. We have furnitures, fireplace, bit trapoline with net.
- Going in the fiord with our canoe. (which has an electric engine if you are lazy)
- Biking – will recommend the biking routes towards Odsherred and Roskilde. Can provide maps. We have many bikes - an electic bike also.
- Visiting the beaches of all Zealand – we have everything. 5 minutes from here is Holbæk with all sorts of shopping, restaurants etc and 2 town-beaches. 10 minutes from here is an open air swimmingpool (cheap and very peaceful) 25 minutes drive west from here you go to much bigger sandy and child-friendly nature-beaches, where you can park just beside the water, which is very child-friendly (the fiord of Sejrø / Havnsø, Vesterlyng a.o.). Towards the east you find the beaches near Copenhagen, but these are much more crowded.
- Visiting sights of Denmark: 5 minutes from here you find Andelslandsbyen
with a huge collection of old town-houses from all over Denmark. I also normally recommend to visit the lake Maglesø 5 minutes from here with great views and the bridge with great views also 5 minutes from here (20 in canoe)
- Within 20 minutes towards east you reach the Viking-city Lejre, which is world famous and the very big rail-museum Sporvejsmuseet both in beautiful natural areas.
- In Roskilde (20 minutes also by car/train) you reach with a large collection of vikign ships and the cathedral were all the Danish Royal families are buried.
- Not to forget Copenhagen and everything around that. You reach the first suburb of Copenhagen in 30 minutes and the centre in 45 minutes by car.
- Local amusement park (eventually buy permanent access all summer- same prices as 2,5 days) The great thing about this park, is there are almost never full and very peaceful and clean. Has a fantastic swimming pool area.
- If you have children You would probably go to the local zoo with the biggest collection of monkeys in Denmark.
- Do not forget to visit Nekselø and Sejerø - Both with ferry from Havnsø. Nekselø is good for walking. Sejerø is good for biking. Both very peaceful islands and fantastick nature.
- Even though it sounds strange, I would recommend a day in Malmø (sweden) to see the castle there and the city. It is only a bit more than 1 hour by car.

Ce que vous allez adorer dans le quartier

Small peaceful village with peaceful neighbours.
- Car exchange (kia rio)
- Beaches within 10-15 minutes by car (sandy, lake or lawn with bridge).
- Town with 4 cinemas, bowling, restaurants nearby (10 minutes by car, 5 minutes by train).
- 2 supermarkets, bakery and pizzaria in the village.
- 45 minutes to Copenhagen centre, 35 to the airport.
- 25 minutes to Roskilde
- 25 minutes to the fantastic beaches in the western Sjælland.
- Several indoor swimming pools in case of bad weather within 10-30 minutes reach.
- Canoing (borrow our cano), Biking etc.

Facilities in Vipperød
- Two Supermarkets
- Pizzaria with many different menus.You can order pizza and food from all restaurants in Holbæk too)
- Train Station with connection til Copenhagen, Roskilde, Holbæk, Kalundborg.
- Gas station.
- Direct bus to Ringsted and Holbæk too.
- Bakery

Sights and to-do nearby (5-15 minutes away)

Munkholmbroen (Munkholm Bridge). Many locals go there for an ice cream in the afternoon and to enjoy the nature there.
Fruerskoven: A nice forest just beside the village can be reached in 15 minutes by foot.
Vipperød: All of Vipperød is nicely divided by big green areas if you want to go for a walk. You will find different playgrounds for childrens. Best are at the School and at the Kindergarten in Centervænget (5 min from us).
Tempelkrogen / Ågerup (3 km). Here you find a small brewery with restaurant. If you have children we suggest you visit the camping there with big playground. Take a walk at the shore.
Tempelkrogen / Sandbakkevej (3 km). Here you can go for a walk in the forest or take the canoe for a ride and ``Tempelkrogens Bådelaug``.
Around Tempelkrogen: You can go around Tempelkrogen by bike and follow several bike rides in the area.
Lake Maglesø (7 km from here) – a peaceful lake with a small inn on the top, where you can park your car. You will meet very few people here. The lake is one of the cleanest in Denmark, so you can easily take a swim.

see more images

Holbæk (5 km from here). Nice historical town with several restaurants and a cinema with 4 different halls. Also a nice sandy city beach in the centre of the city. If you go to the big ``byparken`` there is a quite popular playground for children. Consider the museum with the very nice buildings. Just beside the central church behind the main shopping street Algade.

Orø (5 km plus boat 30 min.). Very flat island which is easily accessable. Visit the art galleries and small restaurants at the island and go for the small beach at the camping site. If you have little time we however recommend Sejerø and Nekselø more, which has a much more stunning nature with hills and rough nature.
The Open Air Museum Andelslandsbyen is just outside Vipperød. Very active museum with around 20 buildings and activities most of the summer.

more pictures of this place

The beach at Ejby Strand (13 km from here – 10-12 minutes by car). In the Issefjord. Has a lovely view and a bridge from which you can jump into the see – and a big barbeque lawn. Perfect for an evening tour, as the sunset in west is stunning. We personally like it more than the Holbæk which is best for the morning sun.

Galleries/Museums, Cultural/Tourist Attractions, Children's Activities, Public Parks, Restaurants/Bars, Clubs, Serious Shopping, Theatres, Spa, Health Club, Tennis, Golfing, Outdoor Biking, Beach/Swimming, Boating/Sailing, Surfing/Windsurfing/Kitesurfing, Canoe/Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Hiking

See above

Le mot de la fin

Sights within 10 km:

The Forest (1 km)
Asmindrupvej 71, 4390 Vipperød. You can walk there. If you want to see horses, there is a riding scool at Asmindrupvej 100.

The Fjord:
3 km from Vipperød
My canoe (you can picnic here – tables and a shelter if it rains): Tempelvej 32, 4390 Vipperød. Take the small path. New newest aluminium canoe is mine. It is locked – I can tell you the code. (3 km)
The camping place, Krogvejen 315, 4390 Vipperød (you shold pass the campingplace (on the west side of the campingplace – alongside the motorway) all the way to the end and park the car there. Here you can take a nice walk. Eventually just walk into the campingplace from where you parked and play at their playground. This is not allowed, but the owners never complain. You could eventually buy an icecream at their kiosk at the entrance. Do not use the pool there.

Others within 7-8 km

Lake Maglesø (maglesøvej 6, 4300 Holbæk) (great place to swim – park the car, go to the lake – and go left. Then you can find a place to swim). There is also a boad bridge. Just ignore the sign, that the bridge is private. Everybody swim there. Remark: Very few people bath at the lake, so you will feel very private here, the water is totally clean.

Brorfelde obeservatory: Observator Gyldenkernes Vej 11, 4340 Tølløse. Old observatory area not far from Lake Maglesø. Here the views are great and you can here about the stars etc.
Munkholm Bridge

Icecream Kiosk (better than the other Kiosk) can be reached by canoe and car) Munkholmvej 315 – 4300 Holbæk (5 km) Picnic is possible here too.
Icecream Kiosk 2 (Munkhomvej 325, 4060 Kirke Såby)

(Munkholm is not a great place to swim – it is a fjord and the water is not very deep)


Swimming in Holbæk

Beach (free) Kanalstræde 8, 4300 Holbæk. Townbeach (sandy) in walk distance from the main street of Holbæk.

Beach (entrance – not reccomended – too expensive for the value in my oppinion)
Open air swimming in ugerløse - always 26 degrees water .
Very few people but very nice and clean - dressing room etc. Nice place, but you might prefer to go to a beach.
You cant avoid finding it, if you go to ugerløse.
See open hours
Best beaches

Magelsø is a great place (see above – but it is a bit far to walk from the parking place and not so good to stay for a long time. Instead go here:

My preferred beach (15 minutes by car): Nagels Rende 2 – 4070 Kirke Hyllinge (park the car – walk 5 minutes to the beach) – fantastic place in the evening on sunset. Good place for picnic. Not sandy, but with bridge and nice lawn. Children like it anyway.
Beach, great view and castle
Extreamly good beaches are 30 minutes from Vipperød: Kalundborgvej 26C, 4534 Hørve. Big sandy place – very childfriendly – beutiful nature. Near the castle ”Dragsholm Slot” – you could go there and see it – not worth to go in and pay the entrance, but free to walk in the garden etc. You could also take a coffe at their restaurant at the terrace, but eating is a bit expensive. You could walk to the top of the hill nearby – fantastick view: (park nearby kålåsvej 7, 4534 Hørve – and walk from here – 15 minutes or so).

Indoor Swimming
Holbæk has one (not reccomended - no amusement stuff for children but OK for swimming) 10 min. by car.
Ringsted Svømmeland, Teglovnsvej 46, 4100 Ringsted (much better- cheap - great for children - normally never crowded) 30 min. by car.
Køge Svømmeland, Ølbycenter 104, 4600 Køge, 40 min by car (not better than Ringsted and can be a bit crowded)

Orø (very nearby) The ferry from Holbæk is a bit expensive (maybe 200 DKK for a full car), but if you take the ferry from ”Hammer Bakke” it is almost free (every 10 minutes all day). Orø is worth a visit for a day. Do remember to visit their zoo. Creap entrance, but really worth it. Bad beaches here. Eventually swim at the camping site. The island is not so stunning, as it is very flat, but cosy anyway.

Nekselø: No cars here. Take the ferry from Havnsø. 70 DKK return ticket. Timetable google nekseløfærgen. Fantastic place to walk – and great to swim also. Love the nature here. Stunning views etc..

Sejerø: Also from Havnsø. Timetable google sejerøfærgen. Also fantastic island. Great for biking. If you go by car it is very fast to see everything. The nature is the biggest sight. Eventually see the church and the lighthouse (ask nearby if it is not open. It will cost you an entrance, but I love the place). Great beaches. You can find a grillbar at the harbour – nice maritime life at night if you go back late. Not that cheap to go there (guess 7-800 DKK for a whole family return by car)

Odsherred with e.g.
Fire Museum in Asnæs (google brandmuseum asnæs)
Glass museum Annaberg
Odsherred Kulturhistoriske Museum
Eventually Rørvig and ferry to hundested (home of Knud Rasmussen) and then ferry to Kulhuse. In Hornsherred you find two castles. (Jægerspris slot and Selsø Slot). (Kronborg and Frederiksborg Slot in North sealand are more impressive, but these cosy and interesting)

Flea markets
In Denmark it can be quite amusing to visit flea markets:
Kram & Co, Holbæk Mega Center, Njordvej 6, 4300 Holbæk, 10 min. by car. (great place)
Kommunekram, Mellemvang 7, 4300 Holbæk (google "Kommunekram Holbæk" Cheap - big - but not often open.
Den Grønne Kræmmerhal, Hjulmagervej 3, 4300 Holbæk (not the best I think)
Huge (but only relevant if you are down south): Det Blå Marked in Haslev, Lysholm Alle 86, Haslev (50 min away)

Further away (day trip - long distance)
Malmø, Sweden (great city, beach etc)
Knuthenborg Safaripark (great place for children)
Dyrehavsbakken (amusementpark near Copenhagen - often crowded!)
Møns Klint (reccomended nature sight)
Stevns Klint (reccomended nature sight)
North Seeland with Kronborg and Frederiksborg Castle.


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